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The Brand


What in the world could be more satisfying than seizing the legacy of a long-standing brand and translating it into the present day?  For former project manager Roland Stagl the development of the new Bergmeister was not only a unique and wonderful journey, but also a long-cherished dream. At the same time it was also an enormous challenge and responsibility that in many ways tested both his own limits and those of the Projekt AUSTRO DAIMLER team to the hilt.

All of the  "Austrian Daimler" under the historic brand had a sporty touch, although the engines were not usually of that large a volume. The reason for this probably lies in the generous calculation of the motor vehicle tax in Austria, which was calculated based on the cubic capacity. Even at the time this shortcoming was compensated by well-proportioned parts, matched with high-quality technology and well-selected materials.

During the development of the Bergmeister, of paramount importance to the whole team was to capture the spirit of the original Bergmeister from the very first sketch and build the bridge to the future. 

The most exciting challenge was to capture the pioneering and innovative spirit of that time, without falling into the "retro trap" in design terms.

It was therefore of enormous importance that the new Bergmeister was presented as if the brand had never ceased to exist – not only in terms of design but above all in technical terms – the vehicle should set new standards, since Austro Daimler was already extremely innovative and progressive in the past.

For Projekt AUSTRO DAIMLER it was a very special pleasure and honour to present the new Bergmeister for the first time to the world’s public at the Villa D’este on the 90th anniversary of the Concorso D’Eleganza.

A double anniversary therefore, since the 120th anniversary of the founding date of AUSTRO DAIMLER is in August 2019.

Finally, in July 2019 Projekt AUSTRO DAIMLER was dissolved and all assets moved to the newly founded AD Autombil GmbH.

There were many ways, opportunities and approaches to tackling this task. Learn more about the exciting journey undertaken by Projekt AUSTRO DAIMLER, starting with the roots of the brand, up to the reinterpretation of the new AUSTRO DAIMLER Bergmeister ADR630 Shooting Grand.

Learn more about the historic brand and history of Projekt AUSTRO DAIMLER

The Model

The new Bergmeister

AUSTRO DAIMLER concept: Bergmeister ADR 630 Shooting Grand

Just prior to the 120th anniversary of its founding, the Austrian traditional brand Austro Daimler presents the spiritual heir of the legendary ADR, that became renowned as a "Bergmeister" (mountain champion) thanks to its numerous successes in mountain races and was later also marketed under this name.

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The Bergmeister as a Shooting Grand

The space requirements of the SERIPA Performance Hybrid powertrain meant that a creative solution was necessary for the new Bergmeister design as a two-seater touring car in order to be able to store luggage for passengers during longer journeys.

During the design process, the combination of classic Gran Turismo and the concept of the Shooting Brake – Shooting Grand emerged, the best of both worlds.

SERIPA Performance Hybrid

SERIPA realises the advantages of conventional hybrid vehicles with acceleration values ​​in the high-performance range. This fusion of serial and parallel hybrid technology in our hybrid powertrain developed from scratch is a world first – just like our Bergmeister.

The properties of SERIPA offer high fuel efficiency and therefore very low pollutant emissions, especially in view of the existing engine power.

This also applies during long-distance operation, where conventional hybrid vehicles use pure combustion operation after having exhausted the available battery capacity and are even at a disadvantage compared to pure combustion vehicles due to the higher weight of the hybrid drive.

Range and charging power

With the SERIPA Performance Hybrid the Bergmeister ADR 630 Shooting Grand offers an electrical range far greater  than any currently available hybrid vehicles  At the same time, the standard built-in charging system is designed for a charging capacity of up to 150kW, which means that very short charging times can be achieved with the corresponding charging infrastructure.

Due to the high electrical drive power, an equally high recuperation power is achieved, which has a further positive effect on the charging power for the integrated high-voltage accumulator and thus on the overall efficiency of the vehicle.


The configuration of the SERIPA powertrain components provides  a centralisation of mass and a low centre of gravity. Drivers of the new Bergmeister will appreciate the positive influences on road holding and handling.

The design of the vehicle components is also unparalleled:  The traction battery with a capacity of 55KWh is in front of the rear axle. The exhaust system is positioned on the passenger side, opening into a side pipe just behind the right front wheel. The sidepipe is not just a design element, but rather a technical choice: Its positioning means that leading the exhaust system over a comparatively long way over the entire vehicle to the rear can be avoided. This saves on weight and space – moreover, this enables a more efficient rear diffuser design, without having to take into account a complete exhaust system in the rear of the vehicle.

Furthermore, the compact design in the engine compartment means that the exhaust system can be quickly brought to operating temperature, which has a positive effect on the emitted emissions.